Wednesday, March 30, 2011

O Katie, Where Art Thou?

In case you have been wondering, I have not disappeared into the abyss, or whatever witty description you want to attach to "not ever updating my blog again". As a matter of fact, I had been busy (i.e. sort-of-semi-regularly) updating my blog.

Just not this one.

I signed up with an web hosting company last year, and since then I've moved my blog to my new site. The process was a bit tedious: first I had to import this blog into Wordpress, then from there to the new blog running Wordpress. But I'd say that the work was well worth it.

Here's the link to my website: Feel free to leave a comment, it is much appreciated (unless of course, you're asking for sex or anything creepy). For now, here's also a link to some of my photos:

Hugs and kisses, Katie